Palm Harbors Rocktober Festival Largest Crowd Ever

Building a successful event starts with good communication between community leaders and management company. AMG Group Music Events has just wrapped up another successful event for Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Merchants Association.

This event described as the perfect storm. The weather was amazing, and the crowd engagement exceeded expectations. Using social media to create awareness and drive attendance proved to be the right choice for the event.

The team engagement started about ten months before the event looking at costs and ways to achieve the maximum impact to the community without increasing costs.  

Ask us how we can build your concepts into a successful event, we have the process, tools and people to build you a successful cost-effective event.

Successful Summer Festival Do's

A great industry article on what to do for your Summer events and for those of you planning events in Florida this is a great reminder for year-round event management. We are dedicated to managing your event before, during and after. Contact us today about your next idea and we can turn your idea's into a profitable successful experience.

Summer Festival Do’s

Keep Your Attendees and Staff Hydrated
Summer festivals are a prime location to enjoy the outdoors, but along with that can come extremely hot temperatures. Do your best to keep your guests hydrated by providing easily accessible water.

Water stations where attendees can refill their own bottles is a great solution, or perhaps you have water sponsor who will donate the product for your guests. Another great option is to provide a refillable water bottle at the event entrance. This encourages hydration and can be a great place to highlight a sponsor logo.

Ensure Proper Layout
Summer festivals can be very popular events! Because this is the case, you want to take extra steps to be sure you have the proper amount of space to host your festival. Make sure you are aware of your maximum capacity and abide by these guidelines.

Nothing is worse than going to an event with long lines and no room to breathe. Monitor your ticket sales and space to keep your guests happy and your event flowing.

Provide Security and Safety Measures
Safety and security is vital to the success and wellbeing of your festival.  If something goes wrong in this department, it could be very bad news for your attendees and your event.

Monitor the weather forecast and advise your attendees to be prepared for any inclement weather. Lightning detection systems and an evacuation plan are must haves. Security is also important for the safety of your festival. Contact your local authorities (medical and law enforcement) to inform them of the event and ask them to be onsite in case of any situations that may arise.

Activities for All Ages
During the summer months most students are out of school and they are seeking fun events for their whole family. During your festival be sure to plan activities for guests of all ages! Even if you are hosting an adult focused event, such as a food/beverage festival or an art fair, set up a station where the younger attendees can get involved, create a project and enjoy the day.

Show Appreciation
Making a large group of guests feel welcomed and appreciated can be a bit of a challenge at summer festivals. However, doing simple things like properly displaying event signage and providing friendly, helpful volunteers can go a long way and keep attendees coming back year after year.

Also, don’t forget to appreciate your staff and volunteers! Many of them will be out in the heat all day, so make sure they are well taken care of with meals, water and the occasional break in the shade.


5h Annual Palm Harbor Rocktober Festival

 AMG GROUP MUSIC EVENTS is pleased to announce that they have been selected once again to be the official event producer.

The 5h Annual Palm Harbor Rocktober Festival presented by the Downtown Palm Harbor Merchants and the Greater Palm Harbor Chamber of Commerce, is set for Saturday, October 24th, 2014.   Three rock bands highlight this free event:  The Black Honkeys, Jeriko Turnpike and Stormbringer Attendees will enjoy great food, craft beer, fine wine and retail vendors on Florida Avenue in Historic Downtown Palm Harbor, from 5:00 pm until 11:00 pm.  NO COOLERS.

AMG GROUP MUSIC EVENTS provides complete solutions for community organizations that would like to hold small, medium and large events within their community. Our solution includes everything from start to finish. If your community is ready to launch an event give us a call and lets see how we can help achieve the goals your looking to get out of your event.

Thats a wrap up

Citrus Festival wrapped up. As the trucks are all loaded and packed up we move on to the next event.  We will update shortly

Palm Harbor Citrus Festival Artist Annoucement

Palm Harbor Florida: There’s just few months left until the Palm Harbor Citrus Festival and we are announcing our selected Artists for the event today! This year the festival has increased the number of performances on Saturday which features a little rock and a little country mix that is sure to fire up the crowd this year.  We look for artists that can create a vibe, bring an intense level of musical enjoyment, and yet remain true their roots. The music kicks off on Thursday April 17 and keeps going all weekend. Be sure to follow on Facebook for updates on all events happening downtown Palm Harbor.   

Scheduled to perform 

U.S Stones 9:00 PM April 17th

The U.S. Stones are the only Rolling Stones Tribute Band to have a young in his prime Mick Jagger clone with all the moves and signature voice. Their Keith Richards is dead on and their Ron Wood gets mobbed because he looks just like the real deal. This is like seeing the Stones in the mid-70s at the height of their career. This is a 8 piece band with keys, horns and more, just like the real thing, no tracks and as authentic as it gets. It’s an amazing full sounding Rolling Stones event that will blow you away with hit after hit!

KNOWITALL 7:00 PM April 17th

KNOWITALL is known around Tampa Bay the band that will “rock your face off” with a setlist of new and classic rock that is sure to get the party started early.

Soul Circus Cowboys 9:00PM April 18th

Soul Circus Cowboys a group of musicians with a broad spectrum of tastes and influences and you will likely hear discord. However, add their diverse array of life experiences to the mix and suddenly their differences start to complement each other. Their eclectic blend of musical styles and roads traveled make them one of the unique new bands on the touring circuit. 

Adrian Ray 7:00PM April 18th

Adrian Ray has taken country music to a whole new level! The release of his self titled album, which has been described as “Heavy Country”, truly bridges today’s Country Music with Classic Rock, a little bit of Southern Rock and a whole lot of Soul.

Jeriko Turnpike 5:00PM April 18th

Jeriko Turnpike is McLean Mannix and Chris Carbonaro. McLean & Chris meet in Clearwater, Florida in the early 1990’s while attending High School. Over the years, they have played music together leading up to what is today known as Jeriko Turnpike. Influenced by all types of music and artists, Jeriko Turnpike is a rock band.

THE BEN BRYAN BAND 3:30PM April 18th

The Ben Bryan Band consists of six working musicians bringing every style of music to the table to create a fresh new sound. The warmth of their instruments have a timeless ring about them while their humble technical abilities and tasteful playing are nothing short of masterful. There are no restrictions on any individual players creativity from songwriting to performance and it shows through their positive energy and good time vibes on stage.

Cheap Trick roadie files suit over stage collapse

OTTAWA ­— A Cheap Trick roadie who was severely injured when a Bluesfest stage collapsed on top of him in a sudden windstorm two years ago is suing the popular Ottawa music festival and the company that owned and set up the stage.

Sandy Sanderson filed a statement of claim Tuesday, accusing Ottawa Bluesfest and Groupe Berger and Mega Stage Inc. of gross negligence for the July 17, 2011, stage collapse.

In his statement of claim, Sanderson alleges Bluesfest and Groupe Berger failed to provide him with a safe working environment and “created a situation of danger” by failing to adequately monitor the weather and warn the public the storm was coming.

A Ministry of Labour report concluded that the stage lifted and toppled when the wind reached 117 km/h.

Cheap Trick was still playing and got off the stage just before it collapsed. Three people — including Sanderson — required hospital treatment and others were treated for minor injuries.

The stage was designed to withstand winds of up to 120 km/h when the side and rear wind walls were removed, but that wasn’t done, according to the ministry report.

Don't let this happen to your event. Make sure your stage company provides the insurance and the correct equipment for the type of location.  We always confirm and check the area to insure the safety of our crew, bands and guest. 

Festival Success or Nightmare

 Florida has thousands of events, fairs, festivals and outdoor concerts all year long.  

These entire goings on are part of what makes Florida a great place to live. Besides being fun, well-managed festivals and events offer a host of economic and social benefits to communities.

All in the name of tourism, Yes tourism runs the state of Florida. Tourism has the opportunity to bring communities together and instill a sense of community pride.

The economic benefits of festivals are easiest to see and most often cited–festivals attract visitors, which stimulates the growth of tourism and other businesses in a town or region.

Hosting an event poses many challenges that most often are not taken into consideration until it is to late or many times after the event has launched. There are risks and costs related to the effort.

A star performer might not show up, or the stage might collapse. Insurance can cover financial risk, but reputation damage is harder to address.

Your thinking about an event and you don't know where to start. First lets talk and see what we can to do help you understand your risks and your rewards.


AMG GROUP MUSIC selected for Citrus Festival 2015

AMG GROUP has been selected for the 2015 Citrus Festival as the official Event management company. This will be the third year in the row that AMG GROUP MUSIC  has provided services. The event continues to grow with 2015 scheduled to be an amazing 4 days of entertainment for the whole family.


AMG GROUP provides a complete event management solution that enhances your committee or foundation with direct support with securing entertainment, management and team development programs insure the success of event.

Good planning is a continuous process and good plans should be adaptable and flexible

– they require a solid foundation and a straightforward structure.

Our guiding principles:

  • Relationships are the key to our success. Value the perspectives of our partners, artists and team.
  • Effortless experience when responding and working with our artists and our partners.
  • Speed , respond to our artists and our partners with speed and honestly.
  • Trust should not be a secondary concept, rather our primary driver for building successful relationships.
  • Empower  our partners, artists and clients
  • Passion  should drive our conversations
  • Inspired ideas are driven by inspired people. 
  • Celebrate the wins !

Looking to hold a large event or redevelop your current event please consider giving us a call. 

You Don't Need a F--king Record Label said Gaga

The humor of playing Austin’s most prominent barbeque joint was not lost on Lady Gaga. For her headlining performance at Doritos’ Bold Stage, temporarily held at Stubb’s before relocating to 5th St and Red River Friday and Saturday, Gaga entered the stage while simulating a pig roast on a life-size wooden spit.

Sporting knee-length blonde dreads, which whipped ferociously around her as she sang “Artpop” opener “Aura,” Gaga was quick to crack her own jokes. 

“I’ve been having such a good time I didn't even shower!” she said shortly thereafter, as if to explain her intentionally unkempt onstage look. “I've been drinking a lot and eating. Are you fucking hungry?? I’ve been having such a good time hearing music, I forgot to do everything this week. I forgot to get a manicure!”

Such a segue into her next “Artpop” album cut, “Manicure,” was a common one for Gaga’s hour-long set. Though she only played two bonafide “hits” from her catalog, “Bad Romance” and “Applause,” she spent the rest of the 60 minutes doing, well, what she wanted. “You don't need a fucking record label, you don’t need a company you are the spirit of every artist!” she cried before introducing “Swine,” the neon orange Doritos logo shining brightly behind her. “Let’s fucking celebrate! This is the moment now! I won't play by your fucking rules this our world!”

Of course, rules are what got all members of the intimate crowd (estimated capacity: 2,100) into the show in the first place. As part of Doritos’ #BoldMissions campaign (introduced by Gaga herself in an uncomfortably scripted video), all attendees had to complete various acts of boldness in order to secure entrance to the show. Such stunts ranged from surrendering your suitcase at the Austin airport for 48 hours to changing your relationship status on Facebook to something other than the truth to daring haircuts. Even journalists were asked to complete such tasks just to gain entry, a point of much debate among reporters like the New York Times’ Jon Pareles and a condition this reporter did not participate in. 

But the regulations seemingly ended there, as Gaga’s set was heavy on “Artpop” material — even, begrudgingly, its best known single (“And now, because we were told we really have to, we’re gonna play a song called ‘Applause,’” she said shortly before the brief encore.) Doritos executives were audibly disappointed with her set choices. “I paid [her] $2.5 million, I better hear ‘Alejandro,’” said one executive involved with the production, whose request went unfulfilled. 

Instead, Gaga spent much of her brief time onstage asking the crowd to live in the moment. “Do me a favor and don’t take my fucking picture, put your phone down,” she said after “Artpop”’s hip-hop highlight “Jewels N Drugs” (featuring an onstage cameo from Twista, no less.) “The best thing about South By is I see so many people just feeling music. Close your eyes, fuck your cell phone – fuck your friends instead!”

With Gaga’s residency at New York’s soon-to-close Roseland Ballroom just weeks away, her SXSW performance was predicted by some to be a preview of her upcoming “ArtRave: The Artpop Ball Tour.” But minimal production, adapted for the intimate setting, would suggest otherwise – though hopefully fans will get to see some version of the way Gaga performed “Swine.” The punk-dance song ended with the singer grinding against a British woman named Millie, who appeared to vomit black tar all over Gaga’s body, which the singer refused to wipe off her bikini-clad body for the remainder of the set. For an album and tour inspired by performance art, it was the one moment where music and shock value merged indelibly and credibly.

Later, when introducing the for-the-fans ballad “Dope,” Gaga got even more candid. “Sometimes guys, when you're not yourself it's so much harder. It’s so much easier to be yourself than it is to be somebody else,” she said. “When you have to pretend to be somebody else you do things you don't wanna do. It eats your soul inside and makes you do stupid shit. I wrote this song for all the things I'm sorry for. I'm so sorry to myself, that I don't always be myself. But I'm gonna be myself today.”

Look for more similar self-empowerment messages at Gaga’s keynote speech at SXSW on Friday at noon (the first keynote from a woman in 15 years, as many have pointed out.) And, perhaps, another anti-technology-at-concerts screed such as this one: “I think we should just take this one moment and do that thing where you put your phones away and you just look at each other and just be right here. Because when you leave the world nobody's gonna give a fuck what you tweeted or what picture you posted or what you caught. They’re not gonna care how famous I was, they're gonna care about whose lives you saved, what people you touched. When you go home tonight, grab your guitar, grab your piano and don't give up. Don't let the machine and technology take you to a place you don't belong.”

Justin Bieber Arrested

TMZ reports that Bieber was busted in Miami Beach and it didn't end with DUI ... he was also busted for drag racing. The arrest occurred early Thursday morning. 

Bieber is now in custody and is at the police department where he is being tested -- presumably to more precisely measure his blood alcohol level.  Our law enforcement sources say Justin was given a field sobriety test at the scene ... and failed.

What has happened to this young man?  What happened to his direction ? So many artist have paved the path that Justin heads down. This is nothing new for artists.  The sad truth is that artists start believing that they can "walk on watter"  Having a management team does not mean you have a baby sister watching every move that an artist makes. However having the right team standing with you can guide you and direct you away from those things that can end your career.

Beats, Neil, Beyonce and Jay Z


Beats Music, the music streaming company founded by record executive Jimmy Iovine and partially financed by billionaire Len Blavatnik, launched its subscription service late Monday night.

Billboard has learned Capitol Music Group will announce it has signed legendary singer/songwriter Neil Diamond to its Capitol Records label. The deal will mark the first time Diamond’s entire catalog has been under one label.

Despite how Walt Disney Records' "Frozen" soundtrack has been atop the Billboard 200 chart for two weeks -- and the movie is a blockbuster hit at the box office -- radio has essentially ignored the film's music. Its songs are no where to be found on Billboard's airplay charts, which monitor the most-played tunes on radio stations across the U.S.

Liam Payne tweeted to Willie Robertson that he appreciated his "family values," then took to twitter many more times to criticize journalists he said were twisting his words in order to cause a controversy.

David Renzer, former Univeral Music Publishing Group chairman/CEO, has been installed as chairman of Spirit Music Group, the indie publisher that owns the Pete Townshend, Alan and Marilyn Bergman and Marc Bolan catalogs, among other notable songwriter portfolios.

Gibrán Martiz, a contestant on the recent third season of "La Voz México," was murdered over the weekend after being kidnapped from his home in Veracruz.

After some speculation last week, Beyonce has been confirmed to be taking the Grammy Awards stage on Jan. 26, alongside hubby Jay Z.

Booking Manager vs. Management

To often Booking and Management concepts become blended by an artist and sadly the relationship sours upon the wrong expectations. Lets review the differences between a Booking agent and a Management company so that you the artist can make the right choice for your future. 

Booking agents often work only with artists who have been signed to a record label, as in the case of musicians; or to a talent or modeling agency, in the case of actors, models or other artists.

Managers, on the other hand, represent new artists and help them build a brand that can become marketable able achieve the interests of a label and or an industry resource. 

Managers take on a wider scope of responsibilities than booking agents. According to the Occupational Information Network, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, managers both represent and promote artists; they also handle business matters such as contract negotiation. By contrast, booking agents concentrate on finding jobs for their clients and responding to requests to hire those clients.

Booking agents also coordinate terms of an artist's appearance, especially in the music industry. They'll negotiate terms like meals, lodging, transportation and other requirements the artist has for performing, including any special items desired backstage or in the dressing room.

Managers often provide overall career advice and guidance. They may also advise clients on which news organizations to grant interviews to and what public appearances to make. A manager may assist clients with a wider range of aspects than a booking agent; for example, advising them on how becoming affiliated with a specific charity or other organization could impact their careers. A booking agent rarely guides the client's career; she most often acts as an intermediary between the client and potential employers or venues.

The right management provides you the frame work to build upon your success. Understanding the differences prior to entering into a contract will help you avoid disappointment from all parties.