Your Festival Needs Help

Hey, we fully understand that you have a cousin that has landed a few backyard family parties or even your wedding or maybe that big family reunion.

What we do is much more than a luxury as one we have heard once or twice during our tenure. 

Sure we understand that your festival happens to be running in the red and it's hard to see spending any money to get out of the hole that keeps getting deeper.

However, if you step back for a second and look at the overall solutions we provide, not only do we bring the shovel we bring solutions that can turn your event around.  

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1. Experience and Expertise

Festival management is a complex and detailed skill, which often takes lots of experience to harness. Qualified festival managers have the experience and expertise to understand and work with all the issues associated with managing an event.

They can be trusted to analyze challenges and provide creative solutions swiftly.  A festival manager brings best practices to the table and strategically guides your organization through the development and implementation of your festival.

2. Cost Savings

Festival managers know exactly where money gets wasted and where costs can be cut. They build relationships with suppliers and receive discounted rates that are passed on to the client. 

Also, often staff or volunteer time is not factored into the cost of event production – however, these costs are genuine.  Festival managers have the processes in place to streamline service delivery.  What may take your team 20 hours of time may only take an experienced planner six hours from concept to solution.

3. Time Savings

Your work and personal obligations may not afford you enough time to plan all the details of your event properly. By hiring an event manager, you delegate all the planning and execution duties so that the extra responsibilities don't consume your work and life. 

Your time will be directed where it counts most –  to offer your expertise on the organization, audience, and resources.  Also, your involvement with the event will be connected to the areas that provide your organization with the best return on investment; making new contacts, representing your organization and learning from the educational opportunities.

4. Contacts and Resources

Festival managers not only have all the contacts and resources required to manage your event, but they also have built relationships with these vendors. 

They have vetted out those who meet their expectations regarding service and price and know who they can push, who they can ask for favors and who they can ask for advice.


5. Risk Reduction

One essential element of event management that is often overlooked by volunteer committees or staff is risk management.  Festival is beset with potential risk. 

If you are lucky, nothing detrimental will occur, however, if you aren’t you could cause harm to others, face lawsuits or monetary damage.  Festival managers are trained to know how to avoid, mitigate, transfer and accept risk throughout the planning process.