Successful Summer Festival Do's

A great industry article on what to do for your Summer events and for those of you planning events in Florida this is a great reminder for year-round event management. We are dedicated to managing your event before, during and after. Contact us today about your next idea and we can turn your idea's into a profitable successful experience.

Summer Festival Do’s

Keep Your Attendees and Staff Hydrated
Summer festivals are a prime location to enjoy the outdoors, but along with that can come extremely hot temperatures. Do your best to keep your guests hydrated by providing easily accessible water.

Water stations where attendees can refill their own bottles is a great solution, or perhaps you have water sponsor who will donate the product for your guests. Another great option is to provide a refillable water bottle at the event entrance. This encourages hydration and can be a great place to highlight a sponsor logo.

Ensure Proper Layout
Summer festivals can be very popular events! Because this is the case, you want to take extra steps to be sure you have the proper amount of space to host your festival. Make sure you are aware of your maximum capacity and abide by these guidelines.

Nothing is worse than going to an event with long lines and no room to breathe. Monitor your ticket sales and space to keep your guests happy and your event flowing.

Provide Security and Safety Measures
Safety and security is vital to the success and wellbeing of your festival.  If something goes wrong in this department, it could be very bad news for your attendees and your event.

Monitor the weather forecast and advise your attendees to be prepared for any inclement weather. Lightning detection systems and an evacuation plan are must haves. Security is also important for the safety of your festival. Contact your local authorities (medical and law enforcement) to inform them of the event and ask them to be onsite in case of any situations that may arise.

Activities for All Ages
During the summer months most students are out of school and they are seeking fun events for their whole family. During your festival be sure to plan activities for guests of all ages! Even if you are hosting an adult focused event, such as a food/beverage festival or an art fair, set up a station where the younger attendees can get involved, create a project and enjoy the day.

Show Appreciation
Making a large group of guests feel welcomed and appreciated can be a bit of a challenge at summer festivals. However, doing simple things like properly displaying event signage and providing friendly, helpful volunteers can go a long way and keep attendees coming back year after year.

Also, don’t forget to appreciate your staff and volunteers! Many of them will be out in the heat all day, so make sure they are well taken care of with meals, water and the occasional break in the shade.