Palm Harbor Citrus Festival Artist Annoucement

Palm Harbor Florida: There’s just few months left until the Palm Harbor Citrus Festival and we are announcing our selected Artists for the event today! This year the festival has increased the number of performances on Saturday which features a little rock and a little country mix that is sure to fire up the crowd this year.  We look for artists that can create a vibe, bring an intense level of musical enjoyment, and yet remain true their roots. The music kicks off on Thursday April 17 and keeps going all weekend. Be sure to follow on Facebook for updates on all events happening downtown Palm Harbor.   

Scheduled to perform 

U.S Stones 9:00 PM April 17th

The U.S. Stones are the only Rolling Stones Tribute Band to have a young in his prime Mick Jagger clone with all the moves and signature voice. Their Keith Richards is dead on and their Ron Wood gets mobbed because he looks just like the real deal. This is like seeing the Stones in the mid-70s at the height of their career. This is a 8 piece band with keys, horns and more, just like the real thing, no tracks and as authentic as it gets. It’s an amazing full sounding Rolling Stones event that will blow you away with hit after hit!

KNOWITALL 7:00 PM April 17th

KNOWITALL is known around Tampa Bay the band that will “rock your face off” with a setlist of new and classic rock that is sure to get the party started early.

Soul Circus Cowboys 9:00PM April 18th

Soul Circus Cowboys a group of musicians with a broad spectrum of tastes and influences and you will likely hear discord. However, add their diverse array of life experiences to the mix and suddenly their differences start to complement each other. Their eclectic blend of musical styles and roads traveled make them one of the unique new bands on the touring circuit. 

Adrian Ray 7:00PM April 18th

Adrian Ray has taken country music to a whole new level! The release of his self titled album, which has been described as “Heavy Country”, truly bridges today’s Country Music with Classic Rock, a little bit of Southern Rock and a whole lot of Soul.

Jeriko Turnpike 5:00PM April 18th

Jeriko Turnpike is McLean Mannix and Chris Carbonaro. McLean & Chris meet in Clearwater, Florida in the early 1990’s while attending High School. Over the years, they have played music together leading up to what is today known as Jeriko Turnpike. Influenced by all types of music and artists, Jeriko Turnpike is a rock band.

THE BEN BRYAN BAND 3:30PM April 18th

The Ben Bryan Band consists of six working musicians bringing every style of music to the table to create a fresh new sound. The warmth of their instruments have a timeless ring about them while their humble technical abilities and tasteful playing are nothing short of masterful. There are no restrictions on any individual players creativity from songwriting to performance and it shows through their positive energy and good time vibes on stage.