No Phone Zones At Festivals

The increase of content on demand has created a market for "bootleg" live concerts or festivals.  Yes, some fans do record shows for a personal use however some fans record them for profit.

Artists have been looking for ways to have their fans ditch their phones and enjoy 90 minutes live performances and just be at the event.

So the bands decided to lock up people's phones — not take them away, but just lock them up for the show. Like a timeout.

At the concerts, The Lumineers started working with a company called Yondr, which created a locking pouch for people to hold their phones in during performances. Audience members keep the pouches with them, and they stay sealed as long as they're inside an established "phone-free zone," but unlock outside of the "phone-free zone"  

Apple has been working on a patient that creates a way of locking the device from the stage.

Checking in with fans most will agree its time to put down the phone and enjoy the show.  Next time you attend a concert or festival this summer don't be suprised that you see a sign with NO Mobile Device zone.

So what do you think about the idea of ditching your device ?