Counterfeit badges issues on the rise !

Counterfeit badges continue to plague bands and festivals thanks to creative kids and quality printers.   Today with websites offering ideas on how to make a fake backstage pass and kids buying up all kids of tools to make them its become an issue to keep an eye on your passes and how they are used. Once you have your first show and the passes get out its all a matter of time before fake passes hit the street. Tour managers have always been creative on the handling of these issues however time does not always permit.  We have always used Otto Passes for us its not about price, its about security and great customer service.  So when we heard that Dave and the crew have come up with a new added security feature we had to share it with you.

They have molded a bubble to the lamination film to make a one piece badge. which they can encapsulate custom art or logos in a clear, flexible, synthetic, polyurethane bubble that is designed to dent and rebound instead of scratching. It is clearly visible to security and virtually impossible to fake, and it looks and feels amazing.

So far the feedback has been very positive. Joshua Hassell of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tour reports “Everyone including the band and Tom Petty love your laminates so much. I think they are giving them away like candy…” Al Santos of the Bob Dylan tour praises the security aspect of the mere presence of a bubble on a pass, saying that he has occasionally forgotten to put a bubble on a pass and had them come back to him — thanks to vigilant security folk who were that much more easily able to spot a wrong pass.

For us we believe that you pay for what you get. Quality, Service and Dedication will always out weigh a cheaper price.  Way to go Dave Otto and team.