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Event Management

AMG GROUP MUSIC Event Management offers full service event management, production and consulting. The management team works directly with the festival event or venue to provide management and consulting services.

AMG GROUP MUSIC Events, LLC. Our event management team offers a full service event management, production and consulting.

How can we cut our expenses and increase our volume? The challenging question usually starts when a non-profit wants to get an event launched to increase revenues for their programs. In committee, the concept of having an event starts and the ideas of how much money they can bring in.

The grand picture is painted, the comments "I have a brother-in-law that has lights, or tents, or this or that" We can have the event on a Thursday and so on and so on.


Dream it and we will make it happen

We focus months in advance on your event while most think it's all about the music and yes we have some great talented artist relationships around the world. It is much more, so much more that we have invested our time and energy on the details.

However, most members are business owners that totally understand their business. Hiring an event management company can help. Not only are we paying attention to the bottom line, but we are also keenly aware of the community interests and having a pulse on the community can make a difference from a large turnout or a just a turnout.

When asked what does AMG do?

The answer is everything from consulting on entertainment, ordering everything right down to the cups needed to pour beverages. It's the details. We leave no detail to chance.


Our production services are designed to help you organize and run your event or festival in a professional organized manner and produce profitable results.

Our Performance areas:

  • Site Design
  • Site Management
  • Staging and Entertainment consulting
  • Artist Relations
  • Budgets
  • Technical Services
  • Permits
  • Exhibitor Contracts
  • Logistics
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Visual

Call or email us today for a review of your event.

Next time you're thinking about an event give us a call and let us start your event on the right foot. We can create a cost effective, profitable event just by handling the details.




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