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Having a collective 50 years of event management experience, AMG Group Music Events is well-positioned to provide the right people and perspective to make successful events exceptional.

Whether business, marketing or operational consulting, Optimum can provide its clients with solutions across all aspects of their event property.  With a vast network of professional staff, Optimum’s hard-working personnel is second-to-none and available for projects of any scope and scale.

Event Tech: The increasingly important element of any event’s success, onsite IT can make or break a festival.  Optimum understands the critical nature of constructing and managing sound technology systems and repairing them within minutes.  Our priority is to make sure all communications and ticketing systems, POS tracking and emergency services are fully functional for the entirety of the event.

Staffing: Our onsite management team is allgned wiht your goals and will act on your behalf to manage the whole experience.

VIP, Artist Relations: We have the experience and attention to detail to manage Grammy Award winning artist to up and coming future stars. Our VIP area’s are designed for high impact results and increased returns.

Event Planning & Management
– Venue Selection & Site Build
– Operations & Logistics
– Booking & Talent Buying (agency engaged)
– Liaison Services for Municipal, Civic & Special Interest Groups
– Budget Planning & Oversight
– Permits & Insurance
– Security & Safety
– Transportation Planning & Execution
– Accommodations & Guest Services
– Vendor Sourcing & Management
– Environmental & Greening Programs
– Merchandising & Concessions
– Creative Services
– Traditional Marketing & Media Planning
– Interactive Marketing & Digital Programs
– Public Relations & Publicity
– Ticketing & Credentials
– Hospitality for Special Guests & VIPs
– Volunteer Management
– Nonprofit Partnership Building



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